Pierre-Luc-Charles Cicéri (1782–1868)


Pierre-Luc-Charles Cicéri (1782–1868), Untitled drawing in sepia and brown ink with traces of graphite, ca. 1830. Albert Mathias Friend Collection of Set Designs. Graphic Arts Collection (GA) TC020

Pierre Cicéri held one of the most prestigious design positions in France: chief designer at the Paris Opera. Beginning in 1805, Cicéri was hired as a staff painter, specialized in landscapes, and in 1816, replaced his father-in-law, Jean-Baptiste Isabey (1767–1855) as head painter.

This set design has excellent provenance: Marcel Jambon (1848-1908); Alexandre Bailly (1866-1947); Madame Guigue, Paris; and Albert Mathias Friend, Jr. (1894-1956).

Albert M. Friend, Jr., Class of 1915, studied art and archaeology with Allan Marquand and Charles Rufus Morey. After serving in WWI, Friend returned to Princeton as a lecturer in the art department, was made professor in 1943, and three years later, succeeded Morey as Marquand Professor at Princeton University. One of his many generous gifts to the university was a collection of set designs, now housed in the graphic arts collection.