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Francesco Rosaspina (1762-1841) after Parmigianino (1503-1540), Album of proofs after Parmigianino [77 plates], no date. Etchings, engravings, woodcuts. Graphic Arts Collection GC094 Italian Prints, box 7.

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According to the British Museum, Cesare Massimiliano Gini (1739-1821) was a Bolognese collector of noble family, who acquired a group of drawings by Parmigianino in 1787 from the Zanetti heirs. As an amateur etcher of old master drawings, he collected, copied, and published reproductive prints. He also hired a number of professional engravers including Francesco Rosaspina, who worked on this series of plates after Parmigianino (see Weigel 63,64) and the Raccolta di disegni di Mauro Tesi in 1787 (facsimile: Marquand (SA) Oversize ND623.T4 G5q).

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