Silhouettes, pantographs, and physiognotraces

Silhouettes, pantographs, and physiognotraces are just a few of the pre-photographic topics covered by the George Eastman House in their new series of videos. This is the first of 12, each lasting about 6 minutes, beautifully illustrating the various photographic processes from the renaissance to the present. These videos make it much easier to understand and appreciate many objects in Princeton’s collection, such as:

jefferson print
Charles Balthazar Julien Févret de Saint-Mémin (1770-1852), Physiognotrace portrait of Thomas Jefferson, n.d. [1804]. Engraving and copperplate. 7.1 x 6.6 cm. Graphic Arts French prints. Gift of Charles Scribner Jr., Class of 1943.

pantograph1-thumbBrass pantograph, in a tapered, hinged mahogany case, 27.5″ (long) x 4″ (high) x 5.75″ / 2.75″ (wide), signed “W & S Jones Holborn, London.”

Here is the link to the whole series: