18th century Dueling Pistols

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Two dueling pistols made by John Jones & Son, in mahogany brass-bound case containing also 2 wooden ram rods, 1 cleaning rod, 1 cleaning brush, and 17 bullets. Also grapeshot. 18th century. Museum objects collection, Rare Books and Special Collections Ex 4369.

In a search to find Napoleonic ephemera yesterday, we stumbled across this pair of dueling pistols. They were given to Lewis Boudinot Hunter, Class of 1824 and Medical Director U.S. Navy, by his father the Reverend Andrew Hunter, Class of 1772, Chaplain in the Revolutionary Army; Trustee of Princeton; Clerk of the Faculty; Professor of Mathematics and Astronomy; and Chaplain U.S. Navy. The pistols, housed in a mahogany brass-bound case, were then presented to the Princeton University Library by Colonel Charles Hodge Hunter, Class of 1878.
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