Firestone renovation limericks

stones3by Miriam Jankiewicz

The library’s stones are a numbered jumble.
When replacing them, be sure not to mumble.
Put ten before six,
Could be tricky to fix.
We’d hate to see Firestone tumble.






When Firestone gets a facelift,
You need something of a forklift.
For it’s not skin and bones,
But big and small stones,
So the higher you go, switch to a ski-lift.stones6

The library’s façade will soon look neater.
Just be sure to check every meter.
The stones on the ground,
Must all be found.
We’d hate to see Firestone teeter.






When Firestone gets a makeover,
Be sure to have a math’matician take over.
When you take the stones out,
You mustn’t lose count,
Or for more, we’ll have to turn Carnegie lake over.