Luca Pacioli Discarded


It is being reported that Thomas P. Campbell, director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, has dropped the museum’s old logo based on a woodcut by Fra Luca Pacioli for a new logo designed by the firm Wolff Olins (

Fra Luca Pacioli (approximately 1445-1517). Divina proportione: opera a tutti glingegni perspicaci e curiosi necessaria oue ciascun studioso di philosophia, prospectiua, pictura, sculptura, architectura, musica, e altre mathematice, suauissima, sottile, e admirabile doctrina consequira ... / m. Antonio Capella eruditiss. recensente. [Venice]: A. Paganius Paganinus … imprimebat, [1 June 1509]. After designs by Leonardo, da Vinci (1452-1519). Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) Oversize 2004-1250Q


The Ancients, having taken into consideration the rigorous construction of the human body, elaborated all their works, as especially their holy temples, according to these proportions; for they found here the two principal figures without which no project is possible: the perfection of the circle, the principle of all regular bodies, and the equilateral square.–Luca Pacioli