Cigarettes and Gymnastics

The British American Tobacco Company was formed in 1902 in a merger between the British Imperial Tobacco Company and the American Tobacco Company. The first chairman, James ‘Buck’ Duke was a global thinker and a master of merchandising. Each package of machine-rolled cigarettes included trading cards from and/or for countries throughout Europe.

This 1908 set honors athletes from Denmark. Vægtløfter [bottom center] is Danish for weightlifter; Køllesvinger [above] is Danish for club swings. Some of the athletes include Severin Ahlkvist, Camillus Evertsen, Carl Fredriksen, Axel Hansen, Albert Jensen, Eiler Jensen, C.H.R. Neilsen, Ebbesen, Jul. Jörgensen, Hans Poulsen, Axel Larsen, Neuheimer, S. M. Jensen, Palme, Egeberg, Hjalmar Jocobsen, and Victor Hansen.

Unlike other cards, the backs of these are blank.