Civil War Sheet Music

civil war sheet music1The Graphic Arts Collection GC048 is a small collection of lithographic sheet music related to and published during the American Civil War (1861-1865). The covers offer insight into the personalities from both the North and the South, along with the emotional dramas that were promoted on and off the battlefields.

civil-war-sheet-music1 Zouaves Battle March was composed in 1861 by William Dressler (1826-1914). The English-born musician was trained at the Cologne Conservatory of Music and played first violinist of the Opera House in Wiesbaden before moving to New York City. Besides his composing, Dressler served as musical editor for the old publishing house of William Hall & Son & J.L Peters.

Here are a few other examples from the collection. Free copies of many civil war scores are available on itunes:

civil war sheet music5

civil war sheet music4

civil war sheet music3

Lester S. Levy, Grace Notes in American History; Popular Sheet Music from 1820-1900 (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press [1967]) Mendel Music Library (MUS) ML2811 .L4