Last Question on Friday Afternoon

versailles peep6The last reference question to come through at the end of a long week led us to this charming peep show Le Parc de Versailles. Our researcher wanted to know if the fourth panel in this tunnel book had figures and sculpture, like the others, or only a grass divider. This is a serious question because it means the artist wanted to place additional depth and perspective on the furthermost view.

versailles peep5
versailles peep4This is not completely correct, the fourth panel is only grass in the center but there are figures and sculptures on either side. Seen from the tiny front window the grass is not visible, adding only perspective to the entire scene.
versailles peep3Side view.
versailles peep2Inside view between the third and fourth panels, looking into the fifth and sixth.
versailles peep1Inside view between the second and third panels. Our researchers writes, “Optique no. 8 will surely be the highlight of someone’s day…” The answer to this is yes.