B is for Beckett

Two Titles from emdash web view_Page_10Mary Jo Bang and Ken Botnick, B is for Beckett (St. Louis, Mo.: Emdash, 2012). Letterpress printed artist book, bound in the notched perfect method with hand-stamped lead front cover and spine of handmade, hand-dyed flax by Cave Paper in Minneapolis. 89 p. Copy 10 of 10. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2014- in process.

“This is the second collaboration between poet Mary Jo Bang and book artist Ken Botnick, this time publishing a one-line poem by Bang originally published in her collection, Elegy for E. Both projects have employed an unusual and complex printing method which involves moving the type in the bed of the press after each impression, in effect, the type “walks” off the page. When the book is closed the type reads clearly on the edge surfaces of the book as if printed direcctly on the edges themselves. The book is meant to be shown, and stored, on its side.”—prospectus.