Rubbing a 1446 Skeleton in Margate

day collection of memorial brass rubbings3day collection of memorial brass rubbings2Possibly Richard Notfelde (skeleton)

The Day Collection of Memorial Brass Rubbings, ca. 1980s. Graphite on paper. Graphic Arts Collection. Gift of Kent Day Coes of Upper Montclair, New Jersey and H. Vinton Coes, Class of 1936 of Sussex, New Jersey, in memory of their grandfather Harry Kent Day and their mother Agnes Wickfield Day Coes.
day collection of memorial brass rubbings1day collection of memorial brass rubbings4
day collection of memorial brass rubbings52. Sir Rodger de Trumpington, crusader; 1289, Trumpington, Cambridgeshire

3. Sir Robert de Saptvans; 1306, Chartham, Kent

16. Robert Wyvil; 1375 – Salisbury Cathedral, Wiltshire

18. John de Campeden; 1382 – Chapel of St. Cross, Winchester

19. Sir William de Bryene; 1395 – Seal, Kent

27. Judge John Martyn and Anna, his wife; 1436, Graveney, Kent

28. Jane Keriell; about 1461, Ash, Kent

31. Christina Phelip; 1470 – Herne, Kent

32. William Gysborne (half-figure of a priest); 1451, Farningham, Kent

33. Robert de Brentyngham (half-figure); about 1380, East Horsley, Surrey

35. Lady Catherine Howard; about 1520, Stoke, Suffolk

38. Sir Thomas Isly and wife; 1520, Sundrldge, Kent

42. Lady Fyneux; 1539, Herne, Kent

50. Thomas Hamon; about 1620, Rye, Sussex

65. Nicholas Canteys; 1431, Margate, Kent

68. A civilian and wife; 1480 – Chelsfield, Kent

75. John Rusche; 1498, All Hallows, Barking, London

76. Thomas Sibill and wife; 1519, Farningham, Kent

77. Lodewyc Cortewille and his wife Colyne Van Caestre; 1496 and 1504, from Corteville, France now in the Museum of Economic Geology, London

81. Nicholas le Brun; 1547, Jeumont, France, now in the British Museum

85. Dame Joan de Favereham and her son John; about 1370, Graveney, Kent

86. Cardinal Frederic Casmir; 1510, Cathedral of Cracow, Poland

no number. Peryent and wife Joan; 1415, Digswell, Hertfordshire

no number. Edvarod Valontyne and wives Agnes and Joan; 1559 and 1570, Thanet, Kent

no number. Skeleton (not otherwise identified); 1446, Margate, Kent

no number. Sir Robert de Bures; 1302, Acton, Suffolk

no number. Fitzhugh, crusader; about 1320, Pebmarsh, Essex

no number. Knight, possibly a crusader

no number. Sir William Tendring; 1408, Stoke, Suffolk

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