The Liberation of Greece

liberation of greece3Attributed to Albert Anker (1831-1910), Greek battle plan, ca. 1900. Watercolor and pen. Graphic Arts Collection 2014- in process.

We believe Albert Anker painted this map to show the liberation of Greece, including the naval battle between the Athenian and the Peloponnese fleets. The sketch includes the handwritten description and index to the scene:

A Station de Phormios … la flotte athénienne = Phormios station … the Athenian fleet
B Flotte de Peloponnèse = Peloponnese fleet
C Flotte Athénienne marchand sur avant naupactus droits avant la bataille = Athenian merchant fleet advancing
D Peloponnèse avant la bataille dans la course simulé sur naupactus
C Fleet Athenian merchant on before Naupactus rights before the battle
D Peloponnese before the battle in the race simulated Naupactus
liberation of greece2