Devils, Dragons, and Monsters

general frostWilliam Elmes (active 1804-1816), General Frost Shaveing Little Boney, 1 December 1812. Hand-colored etching. “Invade My Country indeed-I’ll Shave-Freeze-and Bury you in Snow-You little Monkey.”

genius of bazaar arrived


John Cawse (1778-1862), Genius, of Bazaar arrived at London, 29 May 1816. Hand-colored etching.

“This Monster who is a Native of Turkey has lately made his appearance in London & such is his power that by first appearing in Soho he got Acquainted with Mr Tr-t-r sinse which he has Spread Destruction through all the best houses in Town to the Great anoyance of all poor Shop-keepers.”

witches in a hay loftThomas Rowlandson (1757-1827) after George Moutard Woodward (ca.1760-1809), Witches in a Hay Loft, 29 April 1807. Hand-colored etchng.

malignant aspects looking with envy2

malignant aspects looking with envyCharles Williams (1797-1830), Malignant Aspects Looking with Envy on John Bull and His Satelites, or a New Planetary System, 21 October 1807. Hand-colored etching.

tyrant overtaken by justice2



J. Lewis Marks (ca.1796-1855),The Tyrant Overtaken by Justice is Excluded from the World, May 1814. Hand-colored etching.

tyrant overtaken by justice

devil and doctor fostus2


Unidentified artist, The Devil and Doctor Fostus or a finishing dose for poor Hibernia, no date [1809?]. Hand-colored etching.

“Doctor Fostus’s invaluable remedy for Bankruptcies, poverty, distress, Nakedness, loss of trade, starvation, and all other Calamities incident to a long oppress’d and suffering people—the Doctor ever anxious to promote the Welfare of Ireland now offers his anti gallic Quintessence to the scrutinising eye of an enlightened populice [sic], with the trifleing advance of 50. pr cent, occasioned by the highly beneficial useful & necessary war, and happy success of our late & present glorious Expeditions— this Noble Medecine is composed of all the Doctors former & present happy compositions—a single Dose of which acts so powerfully on the Nervous System as to rid the patient of all his Earthly Infirmities—”devil and doctor fostus


malignant aspects looking with envy3Found in: George M. Woodward (ca.1760-1809), The Caricature Magazine, or, Hudibrastic Mirror ([London] : Tegg, [1807-1820]). Graphic Arts Collection (GA) Kane Room Rowlandson 1807.5f