Safe Cures

almanacsIn 1994, Gerald J. Levy donated to the Princeton University Library 6,000 wood engravings from 19th-century illustrated journals such as Harper’s Weekly and the London Illustrated News. The Gerald J. and Anne C. Levy Iconographic Library, 1850-1920, is still available and used by researchers.

Along with these came a box of 19th-century almanacs and home remedy manuals. We are finally sorting these treasures out for conservation and cataloguing.
One is a rare 1892 issue of Warner’s Safe Cure Almanac (“First edition: 8,000,000 copies”). This company is described in depth on the blog “Safe Cure Almanacs”:

Besides wonderful advertisements, the issue held at Princeton includes a special feature on “How to make money,” and a section of testimonials from men who have been cured of kidney disease, headache, dyspepsia, and that ‘tired feeling’ by Warner’s products. “Safe yeast” is also sold for home cooking by all “first class grocers.”

Here are a few more: