Changeable Photographic Furniture, A New Want Supplied

photographic furniture2

photographic furniture
At the back of each issue of The Philadelphia Photographer are a few pages of advertising, many with original photographs illustrating the products.

In the issue for December 1867 is this ad from E. & H.T. Anthony & Company spotlighting “Changeable Photographic Furniture.” It reads: “The introduction of the new cabinet card rendered necessary new accessories in the way of furniture to make an attractive picture; and, at the request of some of our customers, we have got out a set of Imitation Furniture of wood, richly ornamented and painted of suitable photographic color, which furnishes eighteen different changes for the low price of eighty dollars cash.

By aid of this set, you can show in your pictures the following among others: a parlor organ open, a parlor organ shut, a book-case, a secretary, a pier table, a bureau, etc., etc., etc. The above photograph shows many of the changes, but other will readily be made by the photographer. A few of Wilson & Hoop’s “urns and Vases” are introduced in these changes, but they are not included with the furniture.”photographic furniture3