Bookseller identified

bookseller3Johann Amos Comenius (1592-1670), Zrelishche vselennyia na frantsuzskom, rossiiskom u nemetskom iazykakh [Pageant of the Universe in French, Russian and German languages] (Sankt Peterburg, 1788). [8] 142 p., LXXX engr. pl. 20 cm. Cotsen Children’s Library (CTSN) European 18 115bookseller4
Thank you so much to Claudia Dias, John Overholt, Gabriel Swift, and Ian Dooley, who helped with the identification of the unattached bookseller who has been drifting through the Graphic Arts Collection. The plate appears to be from the 1788 Russian adaptation of the Orbis Pictus or Orbis Sensualium Pictus (Visible World in Pictures also called the Pageant of the Universe), a textbook for children first published by Czech educator Johann Amos Comenius in 1658. Happily the plate was not removed from Princeton’s copy.

There are many editions, translations, and illustrations for this textbook. Here’s an English version: Johann Amos Comenius (1592-1670), Orbis sensualium pictus… translated into English by Charles Hoole (London, J. Kirton,. 1659). Cotsen Children’s Library (CTSN) English 18 128

Here are a couple more plates:



See also: Adam Fijałkowski, Orbis pictus: świat malowany Jana Amosa Komeńskiego = Orbis pictus : die Welt in Bildern des Johann Amos Comenius (Warszawa: Uniwersytet Warszawski, 2008). Accompanies an exhibition at the Biblioteka Uniwersytecka w Warszawie and the Herder-Institut in Marburg. Firestone Library (F) LT101.C63 F55 2008