The Stage and its Stars

stage and stars6Miss Ellen Terry as Portia
stage and stars7Sarah Bernhardt as Mrs. Clarkson
stage and stars2Howard Paul (1835-1905), The Stage and its Stars Past and Present: a Gallery of Dramatic Illustration and Critical Biographies of Distinguished English and American Actors from the Time of Shakespeare till Today, edited by Howard Paul and George Gebbie; [with] 128 photogravure portraits and scenes from steel plates, and over 400 portraits in the text (Philadelphia: Gebbie, 1887). 28 parts unbound. Graphic Arts Collection GAX in process
stage and stars4
stage and stars8The Merchant of Venice
stage and stars3
stage and stars5“The work will contain in all 112 steel engravings, part by etching and part by photogravure, and about 500 engravings on wood. it will be issued in twenty-eight parts at one dollar each; each part will contain 4 steel plates; each plate will be accompanied by descriptive text, and each number will contain at least 8 pages of illustrated biography of the actors and history of the Stage. One number will be issued monthly until the whole is completed. no subscriber’s name will be taken for less than the entire work. the work is payable when delivered by our agents; no cash is to be paid in advance, and no credit given. We will guarantee that the work will be in every respect equal to the samples shown by our agents, and no representation outside this statement of terms and condition will be binding on the publishers.”–prospectus
stage and stars9stage and stars