My Awful Experience with a Whistler

snazelle7George H. Snazelle (1848ā€“1912) was an actor and baritone who developed a one-man entertainment with which he toured Britain, the United States and Australia. Known as the Great Snazelle, his nick-name may have been the origin of the word snazzy.

In the script of his second comic monologue, Snazelle discusses a friend who spoke with a whistle. The video below plays an recording of Snazelle performing a similar yarn.

snazelle6G.H. Snazelle, My awful experience with a whistler as told by G.H. Snazelle (New York: S. French ; London (26 Southampton St.) : S. French, Ltd., [ca. 1898]). Rare Books: Theatre Collection (ThX) TC023 Box 147

Edison Bell VF 1071. Adam Ramet Music Collection