Day-Glo Designer’s Guide


In conjunction with VIS 313, we are strengthening our holdings in fluorescent color photography and printing from the 1960s. It is a recognizable moment in printing history, similar to the French pochoir illustration of the 1920s or the wood-engraving of the illustrated newspapers of the 1850s.

This particular guide was printed as a promotional piece to demonstrate the effects of Day-Glo fluorescence for posters and album covers, magazine ads, packaging and more. The volume Includes a short history of Day-Glo and a myriad of tips for designers.

In addition, there is a pop out and build up Day-Glo box, a pop up Day-Glo flower garden and several color sheets in a pocket at the rear. In addition, a 12-page bound in section of Bert Stern’s famous series of Day-Glo serigraph prints of Marilyn Monroe (originally published in Avant Garde magazine)




The Day-Glo designer’s guide (Cleveland, Oh.: Dayglo Color Corp., 1969). Movable/removable parts include (in pocket at rear): Day-Glo tone chart; Day-Glo bonus color chart: Day-Glo four-color process lithography chart.  Graphic Arts Collection GA 2016- in process