Post, then Publish

Last February, Cuban American artist Edel Rodriguez drew the image of Trump beheading the Statue of Liberty (left) and then, posted it on his various websites and feeds. It was downloaded and reproduced by protesters worldwide. After it was already public, Der Spiegel‘s art editor saw it and asked Rodriguez if they could use it for their upcoming cover. The rest is history and the most talked about design of 2017.

These issues are going out to be bound, covers included.
Time ([New York, etc., Time Inc.]) Firestone Library (F) DeLong Room (RACK-PR)
Der Spiegel (Hamburg: R. Augstein, 1947- Oversize AP30 .S654q. DeLong Room (RACK-PR)

Note, the artist has just posted a number of new designs online, which may turn up soon on paper and ink publications.

Time won the American Society of Magazine Editors Cover of the Year award for its Oct. 24, 2016, cover with art by Edel Rodriguez.

The word magazine shares a root with the medieval French word for a warehouse, a treasury, or a place to store ammunition. It suggests a container for that which is useful, valuable, sometimes dangerous. This is where we all live now, and why magazines matter more than ever. Last summer when candidate Trump was in a battle with everyone from a gold star family to leaders within his own party, I asked Time Creative Director D.W. Pine to help us find the image to capture this moment which he produced with artist Edel Rodriguez, which we returned to again in the fall after the release of the “Access Hollywood” tapes. In the end, that which melted returned to form, and won the day, and it is the story of a lifetime. It is unfolding hour by hour, week by week, tweet by tweet; he has come after us, he has come after us all, he has come after the very principles of truth and accountability, and we intend to cover, and uncover, and capture all of this, to speak to everyone, to listen to everyone, because what we do is useful, and valuable, and sometimes dangerous. —Time Editor-in-Chief Nancy Gibbs delivered the following remarks at the American Magazine Media Conference in New York in February 2017.