The London Circle: Early Explorations of Photography

PDF: Sara Stevenson
Last spring, we invited Sara Stevenson to Princeton University to deliver the inaugural Gillett G. Griffin Memorial Lecture, a series of talks established in honor of our former Graphic Arts Curator. Each talk will highlight one important acquisition made under Gillett’s curatorship.

On a bright Sunday afternoon, Sara entertained and enlightened a full auditorium with her talk entitled “The London Circle: Early Explorations of Photography: The Willats album in the Firestone Library.” Our sincere thanks to Sara and to the entire staff who made this event possible.

We promised to make this talk available online for the many international researchers and fans who could not be in Princeton to hear it in person. Given many delays in rephotographing and posting the Willats album for our new online site and the writing of a web page for the posting of our Griffin lecture series, we decided not to wait any longer.

Here without fancy decoration or the illustrations still in process is a PDF of Sara Stevenson’s text. At a later date, we will do a more elaborate posting. Please circulate to photography researchers, collectors, and enthusiasts.