The Gutenberg Bible in popular culture

We were chatting yesterday about moments in popular culture when a Gutenberg Bible turns up. Here is one such episode on the sit-com Newhart.

Newhart, May 12, 1986 entitled “Pre-Nups,” in which the “Loudons, George, Steph, and Michael are invited to Vanderkellen mansion for Arthur’s birthday. Dick worries when he breaks a music box given to Arthur by Winston Churchill.”

There are many attempts to steal a Gutenberg Bible in books and movies, including The Art of the Steal. Note the black and white illuminations.

Below is an episode of Provenance from February 4, 2014, in which “Reese rejoins Finch in New York, but when the team receives the number of a highly skilled antiquities thief, a surprising turn of events finds them planning a heist which could land them all in jail.”

Here is a link to a fairly long clip from Francis Ford Coppola’s 1966 film You’re A Big Boy Now. “Bernard Chanticleer, called “Big Boy” by his parents, is 19 but still lives with his overbearing, clinging mother and his commanding, disapproving father, who is Curator of Incunabula at the New York Public Library.” *It might begin with a commercial.

Can you think of others?