DIY: Be the first to own this 1673 book

Title page


The Graphic Arts Collection holds this uncut, unpublished single sheet imposition* for two copies of a 24 page 1673 miniature book. Below are the recto and verso as single pages that you can print double-sided and cut off the excess paper on the side. Then fold and cut to create your own copy of this Italian devotional. Extra credit is given for hand coloring the plate.

*Imposition: Process of arranging the pages for each side of a sheet by placing them on a flat surface, surrounding them with wooden spacing pieces (the furniture) of less than type height, and locking them into the chase with long and short wedges, thus creating the forme.

Laude spirituale nella quale si contengono le parti principali della dottrina christiana (Roma, 1674). Held by the Biblioteca Casanatense.

Laude spirituale: nella quale si contengono le parti principali, della dottrina christiana. Parte prima (Torino: Per Bartolomeo Zapatta, 1632). Original printer’s sheet, designed to be cut in half; each half, when folded, would form a 24 page booklet (11 cm., 12 mo). Apparently the booklet was never issued. Held by the University of California Berkeley Library.

John Smith (active 1755), The printer’s grammar: containing a concise history of the origin of printing; also, an examination of the superficies, gradation, and properties of the different sizes of types … tables of calculations; models of letter cases; schemes for casting off copy, and imposing; … with directions to authors, compilers, &c. how to prepare copy, and to correct their own proofs. Chiefly collected from Smith’s edition. To which are added directions for pressmen, &c. (London, Printed by L. Wayland and sold by T. Evans, 1787). Princeton copy is from the library of P. J. Conkwright. Graphic Arts Collection Z244.A2 S7