What is printmaking?

You may have already received this link but in case you missed it over all the winter holidays, here it is again: https://www.metmuseum.org/about-the-met/curatorial-departments/drawings-and-prints/materials-and-techniques

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, with the assistance of the LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies at Columbia University, has posted a new site visually explaining artistic printmaking materials and processes. It is clean, specific, and easy to follow with basic printing technology. Of course there is more, but this will go a long way to exhibit the fundamentals to students, historians, and the general public about “the principle of transferring images from a matrix onto another surface.”

Coming soon in 2019 will be a similar site on the basic drawing materials and techniques used by artists throughout history. I look forward to learning more about silverpoint, which has never been made clear to me.