A reply to our Charles Ricketts question


On 22 March, 2019, we posted a drawing from the Graphic Arts Collection that may or may not have been the work of Charles Ricketts: https://graphicarts.princeton.edu/2019/03/22/rickettss-drawings-published-and-unpublished/. A special note was sent to Paul van Capelleveen, curator of Rare Books at the Koninklijke Bibliotheek, The Hague, Netherlands, who researches and writes the weekly blog “Charles Ricketts & Charles Shannon.”


Today, a reply was posted by Mr. Capelleveen, with information on Ricketts’s career around the date of this drawing and a possible answer to our question. Take a look at his intriguing solution to the puzzle and see what you think: http://charlesricketts.blogspot.com

Our sincere thanks for all his hard work, which not only helps Princeton University but adds significantly to everyone’s understanding of Ricketts’s art and the iconography of the Sphinx. Isn’t this new international world of shared scholarship wonderful?