A Midnight Modern Conversation and other online resources

Princeton University has recorded and offers a tremendous repository of online lectures, conversations, panels, and classes. For example in 2011, to open the Graphic Arts Collection’s exhibition Sin and the City: William Hogarth’s London, we organized a panel of amazing world experts including Tim Hitchcock, Linda Colley, Claude Rawson, and Mark Hallett. We called it “A Midnight Modern Conversation” in honor of Hogarth. The discussion was and is illuminating and highly recommended for students of art history, British history, city planning, and more. Here is the link: https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/media/1_ni43t906.


Last fall, the Princeton University Art Museum hung a show entitled States of Health: Visualizing Illness and Healing. A wonderful full-day symposium was held with artists, doctors, historians, and more, which can be found at this link: https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/media/States+of+HealthA+Visualizing+Illness+and+Healing+-+SESSION+1A+Medicine%2C+Art%2C+and+Community++-+November+15%2C+2019/1_8r2tav7g. A shout-out to Eric Avery, printmaker and M.D. specializing in infectious diseases.



Here is a thrilling conversation between Hugh Hayden and Chika Okeke-Ogulu about the artist’s life and work. Link to it here: https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/media/Hugh+Hayden+and+Chika+Okeke-Ogulu+Conversation+-+February+20%2C+2020/1_hr5qz76c/13367761



Poetry? Watch and listen to Paul Muldoon reading from his then new book, In the Horse Latitudes, on August 20th, 2013. Find it here: https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/media/1_e6fx0u7p

Another interview and reading here: https://www.princeton.edu/news/2017/07/14/what-i-think-paul-muldoon



A conversation with the great contemporary artist and calligrapher Shahzia Sikander: https://mediacentral.princeton.edu/media/Artist+TalkA+Shahzia+Sikander/1_x5njus4x

Here’s a video with the brilliant Ghana sculptor El Anatsui:

And much more…