Dionysus Crucified

jarvis dionysus1

Simon Jarvis, Dionysus Crucified: Choral Lyric for Two Soloists and Messenger ([Cambridge, England]: Grasp Press, 2011. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2013- in process

OCLC lists Dionysus Crucified as: Book poetry 12 unnumbered pages; 34 x 34 cm. A cataloguer has listed the subtitle as Choral Lyric for Two Soloists and Messenger and the epigraph as You cannot walk down two roads at once, even in fairyland. The reverse might also be valid.

Written in 2011 by Prof. Simon Jarvis, Gorley Putt Professor of Poetry and Poetics at Cambridge University, this cunning book of visual and aural poetry moves in long lines across the pages in various directions with few signposts. Happily, a recording of Dionysus Crucified, read by Jarvis and Justin Katko at the Centre for Creative Collaboration in King’s Cross London, was made in 2011 and can still be accessed at https://soundcloud.com/the-claudius-app/jarvis-katko-dionysus. This is definitely a book to be seen as well as heard.

jarvis dionysus2