Monseigneur le Vin

montorgueil, le vin8 Graphic Arts Collection recently acquired a set of promotional volumes for the French wine distributor Maison Nicolas. Each of these charming annuals was designed by a different contemporary designer, including Marcel Jeanjean, Pierre Lissac, Armand Vallée, Carlègle and in particular, Charles Martin. The text is by Georges Montorgueil, one of several pseudonyms used by the French journalist Octave Lebesgue (1857-1933).

montorgueil, le vin2

Georges Montorgueil (1857-1933), Monseigneur le Vin (Paris: Van Gindertaele; Poyet; Draeger), 1924-27. Five volumes. Original marbled faux suede paper wrappers. Lithographs and pochoir prints. Graphic Arts Collection in process.

montorgueil, le vin7The series includes Le Vin è Travers l’Histoire; Le Vin de Bordeaux; Le Vin de Bourgogne; Anjou-Touraine, Alsace, Champagne et Autres Grands Vins de France; and finally L’Art de Boire (Wine Throughout History; Wines of Bordeaux; Wine of Burgundy; AnjouTouraine, Alsace, Champagne and Other Great Wines of France; and finally, The Art of Drink).montorgueil, le vin6
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