Historic Designs and Patterns in Color from Arabic and Italian Sources

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Friedrich Maximilian Hessemer (1800-1860), Arabische und Alt-Italienische Bau-Verzierungen (Berlin: G. Reimer, 1842). 120 chromolithographic plates. Graphic Arts Collection GA 2014- in process

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The German architect Friedrich Maximilian Hessemer spent two years traveling and studying the architecture of Switzerland, Italy, Malta, and Egypt. Thanks to the collection of letters he wrote (available in Johns Hopkins University), we know that he made at least 450 pencil sketches and color drawings of what he saw.

120 chromolithographic plates were created from these designs and issued with descriptions in parts between 1836 and 1841. The combined set has been translated and the plates reproduced as Historic Designs and Patterns in Color from Arabic and Italian Sources. Princeton is fortunate to have acquired a rare copy of Arabische und Alt-Italienische Bau-Verzierungen, with the original chromolithographic plates.

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The New York Public Library has digitized the entire book, which can be viewed here: http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/510d47d9-690e-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99