Les portraits de quelques personnes signalées en piété

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portraits de quelques personnes4Les Portraits de quelques personnes signalées en piété … de l’ordre des minimes, avec leurs éloges tirez des historiens et des chroniques du mesme ordre (Portraits of some people reported in the pious order of the Minimes. Praised by historians & chronicles of this order), ([Paris?]: 1668). 18 engraved plates engraved by Etienne Picart (1632-1721); Jean Boulanger (ca. 1606-ca. 1680); Gérard Scotin (1643-1715); and others. Graphic Arts Collection 2014- in process

Bound with: Antonio Tempesta (1555-1530), Vita et miracula D. Bernardi Clarevallensis abbatis (Rome, 1587) and Les figures et l’abrégé de la vie, de la mort et des miracles de S. François de Paule (Paris, 1664). More about these two in other posts.

portraits de quelques personnes6Although canonized by Pope Leo X in 1519, St. Francis of Paula (1416- 1507) was never ordained a priest. He founded the order of Minims and this volume is a graphic record of Francis and other friars in that order.

According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “In 1474 Sixtus IV gave him permission to write a rule for his community, and to assume the title of Hermits of St. Francis: this rule was formally approved by Alexander VI, who, however, changed their title into that of Minims. After the approbation of the order, Francis founded several new monasteries in Calabria and Sicily. He also established convents of nuns, and a third order for people living in the world, after the example of St. Francis of Assisi.”

Other notable Minim friars are Charles Plumier (1646-1704); Louis Feuillée (1660-1732); Louis Feuillée (1660–1732); Marin Mersenne (1588–1648); Jean François Niceron (1613–1646); and Charles Plumier (1646–1704).

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portraits de quelques personnes5St. Francis of Paula has his own webpage: http://www.francescodipaola.info/ where you can learn more about the miracles he performed.