Collection décors et couleurs

album no 1

Near the end of his life, the French painter Georges Valmier (1885-1937) discovered abstraction and created a number of design based works in vibrant colors. Twenty were translated into pochoir or stencil prints by the French master Jean Saudé, commissioned for a series entited Collection décors et couleurs (Decoration and color collection). Only one more portfolio was published in the series featuring the work of Jean Burkhalter.
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Album no 1: Georges Valmier (1885-1937), Collection décors et couleurs (Paris: A. Levy, [1930?]). 20 pochoir plates in portfolio.  Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) Oversize NK8667.S28 V34f

Album no 2: Jean Burkhalter (1895-1982), Jean Burkhalter : soixante-dix motifs décoratifs en dix-huit planches (Paris: A. Lévy, [ca. 1930]). 18 pochoir plates in portfolio. Collection décors et couleurs. Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) Oversize 2004-0011F