Prospect der Königlichen Börse an dem Haupt Canal zu Cadix


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Balthazar Frederic Leizelt (ca. 1727-1796), Prospect der Königlichen Börse an dem Haupt Canal zu Cadix, wo man zugleich mit spanischen Gondlen spazieren fahret. / Vuë de Bourse Royale au Canal de Cadix ou les Chevalliers et Dames se prome=nent dans les Barques, after 1770. Engraved optical print. Graphic Arts Collection GC138

This 18th century prospect of the Royal Exchange in Cadiz is one of our Vues d’Optique or Perspective Views. The back is prepared with colored paper so that when it is held to light, or seen in a peep box, the lights in the windows turn on creating a bright night scene.

Based in Augsburg, Balthazar Frederic Leizelt published dozens of these city views with captions in multiple languages for maximum sales potential. Not all scenes are realistic views. Leizelt and his staff also made-up city views, especially from the United States, which were too difficult to draw in person.