Adam Fuss, Mask

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Adam Fuss, Mask (Aspen: Baldwin Gallery, 2005). Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2014- in process

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Mask was published in conjunction with the 2005 exhibition of photograms by Adam Fuss, held at the Baldwin Gallery in Aspen, Colorado. Twenty-five tritone reproductive plates are printed on stiff brown paper, housed in a cardboard slipcase. This first edition was limited to 1000 copies.

Exploring the rich iconography of African masks, Fuss placed the 3D objects directly onto light-sensitive paper, varying the exposure time to create eerie contrasts between light and shadow. What results are ghost-like images offering the hidden identities within these magical objects.

“In the midst of the digital age, Adam Fuss creates pictures of rare beauty and mystery with traditional and historical photographic techniques. Working without a camera, Fuss employs the 19th-Century photogram process involving the most basic elements of photography: objects and light.”—press release
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