Printing history

blocks3The Graphic Arts Collection recently acquired seven 19th century metal printing plates for a yet unidentified text or project. The blocks are composed of sequences of six cells and the numbering on the sides indicates that several blocks are consecutive.  The captions are in Latin and the pictures tell simple stories of Telemachus and other classical histories. If anyone knows these books or teaching broadsides, could you let us know?
blocks4This block has been inverted and laterally reversed. The caption reads: Telemachus Interficitur.


blocks18    blocks17

The same block laterally reversed, as it would be when printed. Caption: Milites sequuntur

blocks8    blocks7

The same block inverted and laterally reversed, note the figure. Caption: Experiar Certe

blocks13The marks on one side read: UU 361, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366 & 368. On the other side: 1883, 1885, blank, 1886, 1872, 1869 & 1871.