Holocaust series XXI

rosen holocaust series

Carol Rosen, The Holocaust Series XXI, We All Disappear (Califon, N.J.: C. Rosen, [2004]). Graphic Arts Collection 2014- in process

rosen holocaust series5Thanks to the generous donation by Elliot A. Rosen, Professor Emeritus Rutgers University, we now hold the final volume of Carol Rosen’s Holocaust series of artists’ books.

The artist wrote, “There is no way to recreate the events or the severe psychological destructiveness of the Holocaust experience by those who were not its victims. One can only approximate the truth by implying the isolation, state of fear, uncertainty, and disorientation which were their constant companions. The ‘truth’ of the images in these prints depends on creating a narrative situation or one which attempts to mirror the psychological state of mind.” Here are a few images.

rosen holocaust series4

rosen holocaust series3

rosen holocaust series2