The Epicures’ Prayer!! and other Rowlandsons

rowlandson prayers6
rowlandson prayers7O mighty Epicurus! make a hash of mine Enemies and barbacue their Malevolence; gather my Friends around me like unto a Ragout of Sweet-breads; and should I ever found a City let it be filled with good Things, and fat be the Men, fat be the Women, and fat be the Strangers surjourning therein.

rowlandson prayers5
rowlandson prayers4O ye whose Breeches Pockets burn, Give lucky Peter Puff a turn; When Fortune beckons, never scorn her, But seek her Office, round the Corner. You cannot well mistake the Door, The Lamp is green–the Number four.

rowlandson prayers2
rowlandson prayers3 O all ye Household Gods who preside over cleanliness and good management, aid me in my arduous undertaking…


The Graphic Arts Collection holds a number of sets of prayers and journals engraved by Thomas Rowlandson. The ones posted here are from a bound set that comes with a hand-written index, presumably by Dixon Q. Brown, our donor.

Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827), Prayers and Journals, engraved by Rowlandson after George Moutard Woodward (ca. 1760-1809) ([London]: R. Ackerman, printed by E. Spragg, No. 27, Bow-Street, Covent-Garden, 1801-1802]). Twelve prints with accompanying text; nine of the prints are from the Prayers series, most dated 1801, and three are from the Journals series, dated 1802. Graphic Arts Collection (GA) Rowlandson 1801.5.
rowlandson prayers