Five Days that Changed the World

The choral work, Five Days that Changed the World (2013), is a collaboration between the poet Charles Bennet and the composer Bob Chilcott. It features five historical events: the invention of printing, the abolition of slavery, the first powered flight, the discovery of penicillin, and the first man in space.

This performance of part one, “Thursday 29th March 1455: The Invention of Printing,” was organized by the Associazione Piccoli Cantori di Torino (The Association of the Boys’ Choir of Turin), who are the parents of the girls and boys in the Boys’ Choir of Turin. The Choir performs at the Tallone Printing House in Turin.

The chorus sings:
The quick brown fox. Quick brown fox.
The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

I saw them walking like footprints in the snow.
Saw them walking into houses all over the world.
Open the door of the eye and let them in.

I saw each letter. Saw each letter like a person.
Z was lonely and E was everyone’s friend.
I watched them gather together into words.

I knew if I took the letters one by one.
Knew if I held them tight in forty-two lines.
They could speak to everyone everywhere.

In the beginning there were footprints over the page.
The footprints of a fox who jumps.
Into your eye and over the lazy dog.

See also: Alberto Tallone (1898-1968), Manuale tipografico (Alpignano [Torino]: Tallone Editore, 2005-2013). Contents: Vol. 1. Dedicato ai frontespizi e ai tipi maiuscoli tondi & corsivi. 120 numbered copies printed — Vol. 2. Dedicato all’impaginazione, ai caratteri da testo & ai formati. 276 numbered copies printed — Vol. 3. Dedicato alle carte, filigrane & inchiostri. 293 numbered copies printed — Vol. [4]. Complemento al Manuale I, dedicato all’estetica degli indici, colophon e prospetti. 156 numbered copies printed. Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) 2015-0109Q