A Man in Bogotá

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man from bogota

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The Man in Bogotá. Story by Amy Hempel, Photocollages by Mary Daniel Hobson, Design and Night Skies by Charles Hobson ([San Francisco]: Pacific Editions, 2015). Copy 17 of 40. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2015- in process.

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“Mary Daniel Hobson’s photocollages were created by layering photographic transparencies, stitched tissue paper, old maps, handwriting and real bird feathers. They have been reproduced here as archival pigment prints on Entrada 300 rag paper by Rhiannon Alpers at the San Francisco Art Institute. Rhiannon Alpers also printed the text in Adobe Garamond by letterpress on Coronado SST paper.”

“The circular holes in the pages were laser cut at Magnolia Editions in Oakland, California, and the covers and clamshell boxes have been made at the studio of John DeMerritt, Emeryville, California.”

“Charles Hobson designed the edition and painted the night sky individually for each set of covers and for the insets with acrylic paint on Canson Mi-Tientes paper. He also assembled and bound the edition with the assistance of Alice Shaw.”–Colophon.

“The book contains five photocollages bound into a concertina spine. A sixth image is presented as a separate print signed by the artist in a folder on the inside of the back cover.”–Prospectus.
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An interview with the author Amy Hempel: http://bombmagazine.org/article/2058/amy-hempel