Anti-Catholic Broadside

instruments of torture2

instruments of torture4

instruments of torture3Copies of this Paper may be had Gratis for posting on Church and Chapel boards.

instruments of torture
Instruments of Torture in Use in English Convents ([London]: Published by the Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union… [no date, ca.1865]). Broadsheet, wood engraving & letterpress. Sheet size 755 x 500 mm (29¾ x 19¾ inches). Graphic Arts Collection GA2016- in process

Various scourges and belts supposedly used by Catholic nuns are displayed in this anti-Catholic propaganda broadside distributed free of charge by the Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union. “[The organization] had its start as the sponsor of public lectures by William Murphy, an itinerant lecturer whose violent anti-Catholic rhetoric kept England north of the Trent in an uproar from 1866 until his ultimately fatal beating in 1871. After the loss of its champion, the group continued a shadowy existence into the early 1900s, reprinting salacious tracts by Pierce Connelly, Blanco White, and Maria Monk.” –Denis G. Paz, Popular Anti-Catholicism in Mid-Victorian England (Stanford University Press, 1992).

See also: Monthly record of the Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union (London: Protestant Evangelical Mission and Electoral Union, 1871- ).

A report of a public discussion on transubstantiation held in Victoria Rooms, Doncaster, on Saturday, December 2nd, 1866, between Mr. William Murphy, the Protestant Electoral Union, London, and Mr. Saynor, Roman Catholic of Leeds (London: Published at the Offices of the Protestant Electoral Union, 1866).