New Graphic Design Books

class book3The Graphic Arts Collection recently acquired three small DIY books for graphic design from the 1890s, 1920s, and 1950s. Here are a few samples.
class book

class book2class book4

catalog design2

catalog design

show windows3

show windows2

show windows

K. Lönberg-Holm (1895-1972) and Ladislav Sutnar, Catalog Design Progress (New York: Sweet’s Catalog Service, 1950). Planned and developed by the research department of Sweet’s Catalog Service. Graphic Arts Collection GA in process

Mark M. Maycock, A Class-Book of Color: including Color Definitions, Color Scaling, and the Harmony of Colors (Springfield, Mass.: Milton Bradley Co., 1895). Graphic Arts Collection GA in process

Making Show Windows Pay: a Self Study Course with Complete Instructions for Making and Arranging Window Displays for Every Occasion (Framingham, Mass.: Window Display Studio of the Dennison Manufacturing Co., 1928). Graphic Arts Collection GA in processclass book5