Souvenir serviette

coronation napkinThanks to the generous donation of Nancy Armstrong, the Graphic Arts Collection is the proud new owner of a souvenir serviette (paper napkin) from the coronation of King Edward VII, held August 9, 1902. Our collection holds a small number of similar British souvenirs, chiefly from the 1902 event. A few others are posted here:

The napkin has a printed border of red, white and green with the words to the national anthem in the center square. “You are requested,” notes the printed text, “to join in singing ‘The National Anthem’ after dinner,” leading us to believe that this particular napkin was handed out free of charge to attendees of the coronation dinner rather than sold by street hawkers at the price of one penny. According to Michael Twyman, the printing was done by a few London firms who specialized in this genre, including S. Burgess of the Strand and Mathews of Hoxton (this sheet gives no indication of its printer). Thanks to Ms. Armstrong for her contribution to our collection.