U. S. Bureau of Reclamation

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Princeton’s lantern slide collection includes several sets from the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation’s Washington State Yakima Project.

“Established in 1902, the Bureau of Reclamation is best known for the dams, power  plants, and canals it constructed in the seventeen western states. These water projects led to homesteading and promoted the economic development of the West.

Reclamation has constructed more than 600 dams and reservoirs including Hoover Dam on the Colorado River and Grand Coulee on the Columbia River.” http://www.usbr.gov/main/about/

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The Yakima Project was authorized on December 12, 1905 and construction lasted from 1909 to 1933. http://www.usbr.gov/projects/Project.jsp?proj_Name=Yakima%20Project

“As a result of a petition dated January 28, 1903, from citizens of Yakima County to the Secretary of the Interior presenting the very favorable opportunities for construction and development, investigations were initiated which led to the beginning of construction by the Reclamation Service.”

“Between 1905 and 1958, Reclamation built several diversion dams and canals. The project includes six reservoirs that catch and hold over a million acre feet of spring runoff in the Cascade Mountains. In a normal water year, these features provide a reliable water source for Yakima Valley farmers for the entire growing season.”

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1904 – Prosser Diversion Dam – Yakima River near Prosser, Washington
1907 – Sunnyside Diversion Dam – Yakima River near Parker, Washington
1908 – Tieton Diversion Dam – Tieton River, 16 miles southwest of Naches, Washington
1910 – Bumping Dam – Bumping River, 29 miles northwest of Naches, Washington
1912 – Kachess Dam – Kachess River, 2 miles northwest of Easton, Washington
1914 – Clear Creek Dam – Tieton River, 48 miles west of Yakima, Washington
1917 – Keechelus Dam – Yakima River, 10 miles northwest of Easton, Washington
1925 – Tieton Dam – Tieton River, 40 miles northwest of Yakima, Washington
1933 – Cle Elum Dam Cle Elum River, 8 miles northwest of Cle Elum, Washington
1939 – Roza Diversion Dam – Yakima River, 10 miles north of Yakima, Washington