To Serif or Not To Serif

serif-Sans-SerifIf you are around the UK in September, you might consider attending the one-day conference sponsored by The Centre for Printing History and Culture entitled “The Song of the Sans Serif,” to be held on 30 September, 2016, at Birmingham City University.

They write “From printing types to digital typography the sans serif resonates across both page and screen; and from the advent of Caslon IV’s Two Lines English Egyptian in 1816* to the present day the voice of the sans serif has greatly influenced communication.”

Speakers include James Mosley, University of Reading; John A. Lane, Netherlands; Chiara Barbieri, Royal College of Art, London; Robin Fuller, Trinity College, Dublin; Jessica Glaser, University of Wolverhampton/Birmingham City University; Jon Melton, Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge; Sebastien Morlighem, Ecole superieure d’art et de design, Amiens; David Osbaldestin, Birmingham City University; Ann Pillar, University of Reading; and Vaibhav Singh, University of Reading.

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