Mr. Crindle and The Man in the Moon


The British artist Henry George Hine (1811-1895) left Punch in 1844 to freelance for a variety of other satirical newspapers and magazines, including Great Gun, Puck, and, beginning in 1847, The Man in the Moon. Although it had a smaller format, Man in the Moon boasted a large, fold-out cartoon narrative at the front of every monthly issue.


The first fold-out told the Life and Death of Don Guzzles of Carrara (artist unknown), followed the next month with The Foreign Gentleman in London; or the English Adventures of M. Vanille, drawn by Cham (1819-1879).

Man in the Moon’s third issue offered the first of nine installments chronicling Mr. Crindle’s Rapid Career upon Town. Hine collaborated on the story and designs with Albert Smith (1816-1869), who had also left Punch for this new journal.

The Crindle series became so popular with the British public that the nine parts were combined and published as a continuous narrative in four pages, titled The Surprising Adventures and Rapid Career Upon Town of Mr. Crindle (recently acquired by the Graphic Arts Collection).crincle4

Not to be outdone, the Paris publisher Charles Philipon (1800-1861) had Gustave Doré (1832-1883) create a revised version called L’Homme aux Cent Mille Écus (The Man with a Hundred Thousand Crowns) which ran in Journal pour Rire between January 12 and June 15, 1850.journal-pour-rire-1850-01-12-800-2

The Man in the Moon: A Monthly Review and Bulletin of New Measures, New Men, New Books, New Plays, New Jokes, and New Nonsense; Being an Act for the Amalgamation of the Broad Gauge of Fancy with the Narrow Gauge of Fact into the Grand General Amusement Junction (London: Clarke, 1847-1849). Edited by Albert Smith (1816-1869) and Angus B. Reach (1821-1856). Artists include Smith; George Augustus Sala (1828-1895); Phiz (Hablot Knight Browne, 1815-1882); Joseph Kenny Meadows (1790-1874); Lionel Percy Smythe (1839-1918); Cham (1819-1879); Robert B. Brough (1828-1860); Henry George Hine (1811-1895); Isaac Nicholson; and Thomas A. Mayhew. Graphic Arts Collection (GA) 2005-0423N

Le Journal pour rire (Paris: Aubert, 1848-1855). Graphic Arts Collection (GAX) 2011-0030E

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