Publicaciones revolucionarias

Publicaciones revolucionarias [Revolutionary publications]. 1. ed. (Bogotá, Colombia: Silueta Ediciones, 2016). Nine volumes. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2017- in process.


The Graphic Arts Collection recently acquired a set of nine publications from La Silueta, a fine press in Bogotá, Colombia:

No. 1 – Avocados by Santiago Rueda
No. 2 – Labor by Lucas Ospina
No. 3  – Ceiling by Gabriela Pinilla
No. 4 – LMCP by WIlson Diaz
No. 5 – Liberating orgasm by The fulminant
No. 6 – Present! I presented! by Andrés Felipe Uribe
No. 7 – Poscon by Chócolo
No. 8 – 33 Revolutions per minute by Hernán Sansone
No. 9 – The Penitent by Alfredo Greñas

“Hacemos el tipo de libros que nos gustaría que existieran” /
“We make the kind of books that we want to exist,” write their editors.

“We are an independent publisher who works to publish the books we would like to see in bookstores, to buy and read. We edit authors who represent, in one way or another, a fresh and novel proposal; whose drawings, texts, and stories help open the minds of those who acquire them and become tools that help them take creative directions different from traditional ones.

Our titles, their designs, and the themes appeal to that playful side that we all still have alive inside us. A color, a source, an illustration, or a specific function can reactivate in such a way that the experience of having them in the hands always goes to Be gratifying and pleasurable.

Our books are designed to be explored both physically and in terms of content because in La Silueta we are convinced that both form and substance are important. We believe that there are contents that must exist and that they must be presented in such a way that they are striking to the senses because, in the end, everything enters through them.”

La Silueta editors Andrés Fresneda and Juan Pablo Fajardo with printing press.