La Chromolithographie et la Photochromolithographie

One of the best chapters in this volume on lithographic printing describes and illustrates a commercial pantograph, which could be used to reduce or enlarge a picture as well as easily transferring the image to another surface. Written by Frederic Hesse, the technical director of the Lithographic Atelier of the National Printing Office in Vienna, the descriptions are specific without being overly complex.

Frédéric Hess, La chromolithographie et la photo-chromolithographie (Paris: A. Muller, [1897]). Translation of: Die Chromolithographie mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der modernen auf photographischer Grundlage basirenden Verfahren. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2017- in process


For a book on color printing, there is little actual color inside but many black and white diagram of machinery and process. For example, Hesse shows how to dis-assemble an image into separate color sections, each one drawn and then printed from a different stone with a different color ink.

Hesse went on to publish Die Schriftlithographie: eine theoretisch-praktische Anleitung zur Erlernung der Schrift: mit Vorlageblättern sämtlicher in der lithographischen Technik zur Anwendung kommenden Schriftcharaktere unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der modernen Kunstrichtung = Lithographic writing: a theoretical and practical guide to the study of the writing: with preliminary sheets of all characters used in the lithographic technique with special consideration of the modern art direction.