Conservation and care of arms and armaments

For many years, the care and housing of Princeton University Library’s collection of swords, rifles, spears, knives, and other armaments has been at the bottom of the “to do” list. Today it rose to the top and a survey of all the weapons was done.


Pieces and parts were returned to their original positions. Notes were made on sizes, shapes, and weights so the proper housing could be purchased or constructed. Care and handling was discussed. Special thanks to Lindsey Hobbs, Collections Conservator; Michael Siravo, Special Collections Assistant III; and Ashley Baker, Conservation Technician I for their ongoing work with our collections.

One of the longest carved staffs has been identified as a preist’s staff from the Toba Batak people of northern Sumatra. The local name would be Tunggal panaluan. Many similar staffs were carved to be sold to travelers. Unfortunately, it has not been dated.



More information on individual items can be found at these links: