Grids, using straight lines, not-straight lines & broken lines in all their possible combinations

With sincere thanks to the Laura P. Hall Memorial Fund and the Hall Fund committee through the Department of Art & Archaeology, the Graphic Arts Collection has acquired this rare bound collection of etchings by Sol LeWitt (1928-2007).

The Museum of Modern Art digitized the entire volume here,  but the beauty of the ink on paper can really only be appreciated with the original. We anticipate this volume will be on exhibit in the Princeton University Art Museum during 2018. More information on that coming.

Sol LeWitt, Grids, Using Straight, Not-Straight, and Broken Lines in All Vertical & Horizontal Combinations (New York: Parasol Press, 1973). 28 etchings, bound as a book, with slipcase. Image Size:10⅝ x 10⅝ inches (27.0 x 27.0 cm); Paper Size:11 x 11 inches (28.0 x 28.0 cm). Edition of 25. Printed by Kathan Brown at Crown Point Press, Oakland, California. Catalogue raisonné 1973.03. Purchased with funds provided by the Hall Fund. Graphic Arts Collection GAX 2017- in process.
1. Straight/Straight
2. Straight/Not-straight
3. Straight/Broken
4. Straight/Straight, Not-straight
5. Straight/Straight, Broken
6. Straight/Not-straight, Broken
7. Straight/Straight, Not-straight, Broken
8. Not-straight/Not-straight
9. Not-straight/Broken
10. Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight
11. Not-straight/Straight, Broken
12. Not-straight/Not-straight, Broken
13. Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight, Broken
14. Broken/Broken
15. Broken/Straight, Not-straight
16. Broken/Straight, Broken
17. Broken/Not Straight, Broken
18. Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken
19. Straight, Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight
20. Straight, Not-straight/Straight, Broken
21. Straight, Not-straight/Not-straight, Broken
22. Straight, Not-straight/Straight, Not-straight, Broken
23. Straight, Broken/Straight, Broken
24. Straight, Broken/Not-straight, Broken
25. Straight, Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken
26. Not-straight, Broken/Not-straight, Broken
27. Not-straight, Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken
28. Straight, Not-straight, Broken/Straight, Not-straight, Broken