Welcome Back Princeton Alumni

The Graphic Arts Collection has a print by Thomas Nast (1840-1902) clearly torn out of a book or magazine. A quick search uncovered the Illustrated American, November 23, 1895 p. 652-53, where a short paragraph is followed by two Nast designs honoring Princeton’s football team. A Mighty Beast refers to the game on November 2, 1895, when 6,000 fans watched while Princeton beat Harvard 12 to 4. Unfortunately, three weeks later on November 23, a crowd of 35,000 watch Princeton lose to Yale 10 to 20. https://www.newspapers.com/clip/16518993/princeton_12_harvard_4/

Assuredly, these are great days for the tiger. No wonder the royal beast goes about with a smile of complete contentment. Not only is he “in it”—to speak in the vernacular, but everything that has opposed him lately is likewise “in it”—grabbed, gobbled and stowed away in the tiger’s insatiate maw. The Goddess of Reform, before whom all New York was lately burning incense has certainly been badly crunched by Tammany’s tiger, and her recovery is by no means sure. Only two or three days before this gruesome catastrophe, Harvard “tackled” the Princeton tiger on the football field at Princeton with results that no lover of the crimson cares to dwell on. Enough to say that when the game was over it was another case of “the smile on the face of the tiger.”


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