The United Presbyterian Church of Scotland

Given that Princeton University has both Presbyterian and Scottish roots, this photography album filled with portraits by Thomas Annan (1829-1887) of ministers, elders, and missionaries affiliated with the United Presbyterian Church of Scotland is a fitting acquisition. [See: Leitch, Alexander. A Princeton Companion.

Annan printed these images as deep, rich woodburytypes to preserve them for future generations (although the album pages are now quite warped). We don’t have a final date for the album but it includes material from 1862-82, including a composite photograph of identified theological students and their professors by Annan and an additional composite photograph of unidentified students and their professors “who have just finished their Theological course” by Edinburgh photographer John Moffat.


The men are identified on the lower part of each support by a facsimile autograph, followed by their position within the church. Below each portrait is engraved “Photo by T. Annan” and his respective studio addresses from Glasgow & Edinburgh spanning 1862-1882. It is unclear whether the album was commissioned by the Church or sold to the individuals but it is a rare volume. We hope someday to compare it with the one held by The University of Glasgow Special Collections: